This is the official website of  Author Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo. Ibitola is a podcaster ,Talkshow host and a multi award winning author of best-selling books: ‘Acceptance’ & ‘Acceptance: Into the Darkness’ which are a series of fictional stories. A graduate of the University of Portsmouth with a BSc in Pharmacology. Her genre of writing is Contemporary Romance with a twist and with a portal into her mind and soul, yet sparked with a passion for gothic horror and mystery.


Official book trailer 'MY NAME IS LIZZY ADAMS'. First instalment from 'The Lizzy Adams boarding Mysteries' .
Official release date 1st August 2016


"Sooner or later you have to make a choice...leave behind your passion,your dream- or have the strength to look past all discouraging faces and look at yourself and know that you have what it takes..and you will prove them wrong"

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