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"I was an ordinary woman living an ordinary life in an ordinary town . But now everytime I wake up I close my eyes again just two make sure I'm not in a dream.

No one, is born extraordianary.We all start out average. The difference between the average and the extraordinary comes down to the path one decides to take.

Today I want to challenge you to be different.To stand out in a way no one has. If you don’t want something bad enough then stop trying. It’s a waste of time. But once you come across a cause or goal that truly matters to you, anything’s possible.

Find something that truly matters to you and go for it!  

NOTE: You get what you put in."

Who am I?

Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo is a graduate of the University of Portsmouth with a BSc in Pharmacology. She is a writer of Contemporary romance with a twist. Her writing is a portal into her mind and soul. Sparked with a passion for gothic horror, mystery and romance novels; her top writing influences include Virginia Andrews and Stephen King. In 2013 she completed her first Novella “Acceptance,” a powerful testimony of love, Loss and Betrayal. “Into the darkness” is her sequel to “Acceptance.” When Ibitola isn't raising three children with her husband, she continues to inspire and create in various online communities through her writing and research.

Won Diva author of the year 2015 - Divas of colour awards 2015

Winners Achiever's ‪‎Award‬ 2015

-Nominated for author of the year 2015 -women4africa awards 2015
-Nominated for Afro -Asia awards 2015 in the category Online Magazine/Blog
-Nominated for author of the year 2015 -Creativity awards 2015


Interview of Ibitola Ojoye Adebayo @ the True African Awards 2014. By Nasilele Ailola

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