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C. Hub magazine is the first and only Afro-creative magazine for Africans and Caribbeans in the Diaspora and at home, quarterly published in the UK. C. Hub magazine is based on a number of shared values which include authenticity, originality, integrity and African heritage.

It is a quality high end entertainment magazine representing the creativity, talents and authentic brands targeted to the Afro- Caribbean audience. C.hub magazine is purely a creative and entertainment magazine that inspires, motivates and informs her audience of high end, authentic and original talents, products, brands and labels by providing uncompromised informative , educating and interesting content .


#CELEBRITYENDORSEMENT Ace #Nigerianauthor Ibitola Ojoye – Adebayo graces the #cover of the flagship issue of @c.hubmagazine – THE #ICONS issue which features great pioneers and creative champions of this era. The bestselling author of ‘Acceptance and Acceptance into the darkness,’ a book to soon be adapted into a #FEATUREFILM , tells us exclusively of her stumbling into writing, her early days in #Nigeria. An experience she said was instrumental to shaping who she is today. Born in England and was taken home to study and learn the cultures of the land, Ibitola resented her mum for that, however, her Nigerian parents knew exactly what they wanted for her. Her mum continued to send her novels and books to keep busy. Today that simple mum gesture has become instrument to an Internationally acclaimed, award winning ace author . Read the exclusive #interview on this issue. To order your copies, head down to chubmagazine 's online shop here – www.chubmagazine.com/shop Making the cover Photographer – @ismilesphoto - (Idris Abdulkarem -Ismile photos) Designer/Stylist – Rose Perkins – (Fashionsistas) Makeup artist – Damilola Balogun (@trueglambeauty ) Creative director – @fauntee (Faustina Anyanwu -MBW PR and creative agency) #covergirl #fashionista #fashion #producer #hollywood #director #blackwomen #beauty #celebrity #Publicist #Publicrelations #entertainment #pr #bloggers #nigerianbloggers #MEDIA #NEWS #celebritydesigner #celebritystylists #actors #actresses #Makeupartist #accesshollywood

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