INSIGHTS OF AN #AUTHOR 4: It's HERE! My copy of the latest issue of the award winning C.Hub #Magazine in which I am featured as their lastest #Covergirl. I had a facebook message this morning from an newbie author who had just read through my interview in the magazine. She wanted to know what was the hardest part in getting my book published. My answer to her was this: "Landing an agent or a traditional publisher."😕 I have approached a couple of agents with an earlier draft of 'Acceptance'. They were very encouraging about the writing itself, but unsure that it would find an audience. Fortunately after several rejections and from my research into the market. I found that Amazon and other online publishers have made it so simple for authors to self-publish that the number of books hitting the electronic shelves each year has skyrocketed. It’s more viable than ever for a writer to be successful without a traditional publisher or agent. So I decided to go down the self-publishing route. However, I got to find out that when writers chase self-publishing as an alternative to traditional publishing, they often have a nasty surprise in store: No one is listening. They don’t have an audience. So I had to find MY AUDIENCE. Which I did with a lot of hardwork😊. I’m thrilled that TODAY 'Acceptance' is proving those agents wrong and finding its audience each and every day. 😘 NOTE: If your goal is to bring your work successfully to the marketplace, you most cultivate an audience for it, or market and promote it effectively through your network. Get a copy of C-Hub Magazines latest issue NOW and find out how I got to find my audience.😉. Click the link below: #magazine #nigerianauthor #niaja #nigeria #fashionista #fashion #producer #hollywood #director #blackwomen #beauty #celebrity #Publicist #Publicrelations #entertainment #pr #bloggers #nigerianbloggers #MEDIA #NEWS #celebritydesigner #celebritystylists #actors #actresses #Makeupartist #accesshollywood #style #beauty

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