Who is Joey Pinkney?

Joey Pinkney aka "Your Favorite Book Reviewer's Favorite Book Reviewer...Period!" is a book blogger - if there is such a thing. His website, http://joeypinkney.com, is home to his "5 Minutes, 5 Questions With..." Author Interview Series and his book reviews. Most recently JoeyPinkney.com was nominated for "Book Reviewer of the Year" by AAMBC, a world-renowned book national book club.

Most of the author interviews features book giveaways, so check it out, comment and you might win a new book. "It's all about giving Black Authors a platform to not only promote their book but also their own stories, hopes, dreams and aspiration." Pinkney continues, "Plus, avid readers and book lovers get the perfect opportunity to connect with authors in a way not always possible."

He spends countless hours posting on various social media networks in order to get the word out about his latest post. From twitter to myspace to facebook and beyond, Joey makes sure the world knows who's next on http://joeypinkney.com. Jokingly, he says, "Google me, baby..."

His love of reading has naturally progressed into writing. This "reviewa turnt autha" recently co-authored the critically acclaimed and award-winning The Soul of a Man Anthology, which won Best Short Stories/Best Anthology at the 2009 African American Literary Awards.

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