ROAA Episode 3

The Ramblings of an Author Show

Topic: Is Personal Development the route to Success?

Featured Guest: Coach Deji Yusuf

Episode#: 03

Date: 21st Sept 2015



On this week’s episode of 'The Ramblings of an Author show' award-winning author Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo and her co-host Blue Levell will be covering the topic of the week: Is Personal Development the route to Success? Ibitola will also be sharing with you her own tips on how she has personally developed herself not only as an author but as an individual.
Also this week’s stopping gap is in London,UK. Where she will be bringing you an interview with Deji Yusuf . Deji Yusuf is a Pastor, motivational Speaker, Life Coach and an award winning author.

Coach Deji's Website:

Richard on Twitter: @Deji_Yusuf

Richard on Facebook: Deji Yusuf

Richard's books: Why am I still single? and  Change is possible ( available on Coach Deji's website)

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